How Wi-Fi Streaming Works on Bering Optics Thermal Scopes & Why It's Not Just Entertainment, but a Safety Feature

Availability: Wi-Fi streaming is a feature available in Bering Optics Hogster Stimulus VR, Hogster Vibe, Super Hogster, Super Yoter, and Super Yoter LRF thermal scopes, as well as the Super Yoter thermal clip-on attachment and most of Bering Optics Thermal Monoculars.

How it works: When Wi-Fi is activated in the thermal device menu, the thermal scope creates a Wi-Fi field with a range of approximately 7-10 yards. Any phone or tablet within this area can connect to the Wi-Fi. Once connected, the Bering Optics app on the phone or tablet replicates the scope view and can record video.

Why it's a safety feature: This impressive feature is especially useful when hunting with beginners. They're always eager to see your shots, and you want to monitor and control where they aim. In their excitement, novices might overlook or fail to notice what's happening beyond the immediate scene. As any experienced hunter knows, a clean shot can quickly turn into a shot with a cow behind a hog or worse.

Bering Optics Thermal Scope WiFi As A Safety Feature

Be smart. Use Wi-Fi streaming. Stay safe.

Happy hunting!