Export Policies and Restrictions

The internet store at www.BasicPrecision.com is operated by Basic Finder, LLC dba Basic Precision (hereinafter “Basic Precision”, “we”, “us” and “our”). We are a US based limited liability company and all products (including technical data thereof) in our store (hereinafter “product(s)” or “item(s)”) are intended for selling strictly for domestic use by US persons. This policy is partially dictated by our obligations coming out of dealer’s agreements with the products manufacturers and to the larger extent – by the fact that vast majority of the items we sell are subject to export restrictions and regulations of the US Government. The list of such items includes but is not limited to sighting equipment (night vision, thermal and optical) including technical data thereof (user guides, manuals, etc.), mounting hardware and accessories.

The U.S. Department of State's Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security, and the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control administer export control regulations in accordance with International Traffic in Arms (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations Part 120-130 and/or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and / or other applicable regulatory documents.

It is illegal to transfer by any means (including but not limited to selling, gifting, exchanging or any other means), to transport, to export or attempting to export, or to ship outside of the U.S. (even for personal use) of any products or any technical data for the products prohibited or restricted for export without complying with U.S. export control laws and regulations. Furthermore, it is unlawful to transfer by any means of any products or any technical data for the products prohibited or restricted for export or providing any service to any foreign person, whether abroad or in the United States, for which a license or written approval of the U.S. Government is required, without first obtaining the applicable license or written approval from the applicable department of the U.S. Government. Sales or transfers of any products to entities on the List of Debarred Parties, Denied Persons list, Unverified List and Embargoed Countries are strictly prohibited. Violation of any applicable regulation of the U.S. Government may result in civil penalties (including imprisonment if convicted) and/or constitute a federal crime.

More details can be found on the websites of applicable US authorities. The list of such websites includes but is not limited to:

Home - DDTC Public Portal (state.gov), BIS Website (doc.gov) ,

Office of Foreign Assets Control - Sanctions Programs and Information | U.S. Department of the Treasury

Understand The ITAR - DDTC Public Portal (state.gov), Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (doc.gov)

The Denied Persons List (doc.gov), Unverified List (doc.gov), Article - DDTC Public Portal (state.gov), Entity List (doc.gov)

Please contact us at info@BasicPrecision.com if you have any questions about our export policies.

By proceeding with your order, you (the “Customer”) certify that:

  1. The Customer read and understood the information on the foregoing Export Policies and Restrictions section of our website. The Customer also understands that any partial citation, interpretation or summary of the U.S. export control laws and regulations is provided in the foregoing document for reference only and should not be considered as a legal advice of any kind; and that applicable laws and regulations are much wider and more complex.
  2. The Customer understands that most of the products obtained from Basic Precision are subject to the export control laws and regulations of the U.S. Government.
  3. The Customer is a U.S. Person. Hereinafter the term “US Person” shall be understood as defined by ITAR § 120.15, meaning the Customer is a lawful permanent resident of the U.S., as defined by 8 U.S.C. § 1101(a)(20), or is a protected individual as defined by 8 U.S.C. § 1324b(a)(3), or is a "corporation, business association, partnership, society, trust, or any other entity, organization or group that is incorporated to do business in the U.S., or is a governmental (federal, state, or local) entity" (See ITAR § 120.15).
  4. The Customer is not included by the U.S. Government into any list of persons or organizations for which selling of products presented in Basic Precision webstore is restricted by any means and that the Customer is not affiliated by any means with such a person or such an organization.
  5. The Customer understands that Basic Precision is shipping the products to U.S. addresses only and by no means will participate in any export of the regulated items.
  6. The Customer has no intention to export the items received from Basic Precision without the appropriate U.S. Government export authorization; and the Customer does not intend to transfer or by any means provide the items to any foreign person (non-U.S. Person), whether in the U.S. (including any Foreign Embassy in the U.S.A) or abroad, without the appropriate U.S. Government export authorization.
  7. The Customer understands that usage of any night vision optics (whether thermal or not, whether with or without a weapon) may be a subject to additional local restrictions or limitations which vary from state to state. The Customer undertakes to verify all such local regulations and comply with them to the full extent.
  8. With regards to any item obtained from Basic Precision, the Customer expressly agrees to comply with all federal and local laws and regulations applicable to possession, usage, change of possession, transportation, export procedures, etc. Furthermore, the Customer specifically agrees to indemnify Basic Precision and keep Basic Precision harmless from any claims, liabilities and / or lawsuits coming out of the Customer’s violation of any such a law or regulation.
  9. The Customer agrees to never illegally transfer any item obtained from Basic Precision to a different person or organization (hereinafter “transferee”). If an item is ever legally transferred (whether permanently or temporarily) by any means (resold, loaned, gifted or other) to a transferee, the Customer undertakes the responsibility to inform the transferee of the duty to comply with the U.S. export control laws and regulations and with local usage restrictions and of possible consequences for violating such laws, regulations and restrictions (including but not limited to possible severe fines and imprisonment).