Thermal Scope's Extended Mount For Bolt Action Rifles

Designed for bolt-action rifles, the extended mount model BE80995 allows the thermal scope's eyepiece to be positioned approximately 3.0 or 4.0  inches closer to the shooter's eye. 

Bering Optics Super Yoter LRF Thermal Scopes Equipped With Extended Picatinny Mount For Installation On Bolt Action Rifles Are Shown Compared To Standard Tactical Mount

The picture shows the Super Yoter LRF Thermal Scope assembled with a customizable Extended Mount BE80995. The length of the Extended Mount can be adjusted to either a medium length (in the middle) or the maximum length (at the top). Ruler #1 demonstrates how much closer to the shooter the thermal sight will be positioned when using the Extended Mount in its medium and maximum settings compared to the same thermal scope equipped with the Bering Optics Tactical Mount. The “0” mark on ruler #2 corresponds to the protrusion of the Mount that extends into the groove of the Picatinny rail.

The Extended Mount is custom-adjusted and factory-installed at your chosen lengthwise position to ensure it is completely aligned with the scope's optical and electronic axis to permanently avoid any recoil-induced misalignment during the scope's entire lifetime. When ordering a thermal scope with this mount, please reply to the order confirmation e-mail with the position you selected or call us at (713) 364 2358 with any questions you may have.