Best Deal For Bering Optics Thermal Scopes: Get an $89 Value External Rechargeable Battery Pack FREE with Every Thermal Scope Purchase!

Do you worry about your thermal scope's batteries running out at the most crucial moments during your night hunting adventure? Worry no more! We have an amazing deal for you that will help your hunting experience to be hassle-free and seamless.

Limited Time Offer:

For a limited time, we are giving away an $89 value Picatinny Mountable External Rechargeable Battery Pack with every thermal scope purchase!

Picatinny-Mountable Battery Pack For Thermal ScopesLightweight and Reliable:

Our battery pack is designed to be extremely lightweight (only 5 oz) and reliable, adding minimal weight to your rifle and still providing you with a whole night of hunting on one set of batteries and a full charge of the external power bank.

A True Story:

One of our team members was stalking a large boar for over 700 yards to get closer from a wind-favorable side. Just as he was ready to shoot, the batteries died in his Super Yoter, and the hog was lost. This frustrating experience led us to realize the importance of having a reliable backup power source. That's why we've decided to include this external battery pack with every thermal scope purchase, so you never have to face a similar situation.

Seamless Switching:

When the external power bank is connected, the thermal scope will automatically switch to it and consume electricity from the power bank. If the cable is accidentally pulled out or disconnected, the thermal scope will seamlessly switch back to the internal batteries, ensuring that your hunt continues uninterrupted.

Every hunter deserves the reliability and peace of mind that comes with our Picatinny Mountable External Rechargeable Battery Pack. Don't miss this limited-time offer!  

Happy hunting!